A Seeking Heart - Kelly Mantoan

 This Ain't the Lyceum blogger and author of Better than OK: Finding Joy as a Special Needs Parent, Kelly Mantoan joins Allison for this week's Podcast. Allison and Kelly share their experiences as mothers of children with special needs—most especially the graces, blessings, and lessons our children teach us! As we considered the "never will or can't" of their disabilities, with childlike innocence and hearts, they focused on the joys and the things they were able to do. Parents facing any type of parenting challenge will find hope, inspiration, and practical tips. Kelly also shared her experience with the OSV Institute Challenge and her new online apostolate AcceptingtheGift.org for Catholic parents of children with special needs.


  1. Awful production and a terrible podcast in general. Sinking ship, very unfortunate.


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