A Seeking Heart - Lorelei Savaryn

 In this Episode, Allison spends time chatting with, Lorelei Savaryn, Children's Author, about her new YA fiction book "The Edge of In Between" available NOW:  https://loreleisavaryn.com  

A fantabulous book choice for any Catholic school or parish summer (or anytime) reading program! Lorelei frames difficult subjects like redemptive suffering, Purgatory, and Theology of the Body, in ways Middle School/YA readers can make sense of and make a connection with.  #HighlyRecommend


  1. Awful production and a terrible podcast in general. Sinking ship, very unfortunate. Listeners shouldn’t be fooled by these lazy and mediocre work . Hiding behind a Catholic brand trying to hide the truth from the listener. Pathetic.


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