A Seeking Heart with a visit from Kelly Guest

Allison learns more about Kelly's new book, Saintly Moms: 25 Stories of Holiness (OSV)
In the episode:
*Kelly nun to mom of nine! Hence her website https://www.nun2nine.com #Clever
*How these 25 Saintly moms helped Kelly in her many experiences as a mother.
*Encouraged by these powerful often ordinary stories of motherhood, she found herself taking 'notes' and knew one day she'd like to share that wisdom with other mothers!
*Some of her favorites:  Mary, Queen of the Mom Saints (well, to be fair, she's queen of all saints) and Zelie Martin (St. Therese's sweet mama - who wrote letters detailing many of her parenting woes - including dealing with a strong-willed young Therese!!) 
*St. Gladys lived a WILD "Bonnie and Clyde" type life before her son helped convert her and her husband, both nobility -- illustrating the amazing things our children can teach us!
Learn more and grab a copy of Saintly Moms at www.Nun2Nine.com


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