A Seeking Heart with guest, Kimberly Cook

Allison interviews Motherhood Redeemed author, Kimberly Cook (Tan Books)
In this episode:
* My parakeets decide to join in (now and then) in celebration of St. Francis of Assissi's feast day!! For the record, it is a myth if you cover them up, they'll be quiet. Oh, my family has the best ideas #NOT
*Kim has an amazing story to share -- of the lies she bought into and how the teachings of the Church helped her find balance and joy in embracing all the desires God placed in her heart.
*A historical look at motherhood and St. John Paul II's Feminine Genius 
*Utilizing the God-given gift of MULTI-TASKING!
*Wonderful discussion on Spiritual Motherhood

*Learn more on KimberlyCook.me


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