A Seeking Heart with guest, Sonja Corbitt

In this episode, Allison enthusiastically dives into Just Rest, Sonja's newest book from Ave Maria Press.  After spending the morning devouring the ENTIRE book before the interview, the Holy Spirit just took this one and ran!! Wow, what an inspiring book!! Scripture ROCKS!
On tap...
*What do Exodus, Hebrews, and Fear have to do with Rest?
*Sonja explains how to L.O.V.E. the Word, a lesson she learned from Mary
*Pop Quizzes and my poor sweet DoorDash Driver :/ 
*What's your "vomit"?
*Promises, Promises - God's to us, the Land of, and much more!
Where you will also find her new amazing podcast series on Practical Tools for Healing and Rest and learn more about her inspiring books. 

Sonja's TV Series can be found on CatholicTV.org


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