A Seeking Heart with guest, Barbara Lee

Allison speaks with author, Barbara Lee, about her new book, Answering God's Call: a Scripture-Based Journey for Older Adults (Loyola Press).
  • Barbara and I share experience in the law field, though her career was far more illustrious than mine! Still, the lessons we learned there helped us do what God called us to after those careers.
  • The Wisdom of Age and the Enthusiasm of Youth: The Blessing of Cross-Generational Bible Studies (I think that needs to be my next book title!).
  • I shared Bishop da Cunha's newest Pastoral Letter and his poignant question, "What faith legacy do you want to leave?"
  • Barbara's book includes Scripture verses pointing us to amazing role models for the older, more seasoned, adult. 
  • Mariam packed a Tambourine for her journey through the Red Sea - God used her lifelong interest and talents to Glorify Him. He will do the same for with you - so dust off those lyres and harps!
  • Some of my favorites featured stories — Anna at the Presentation (just when she thought her work was through, like Juan Diego, God had a mission for her), St. Joseph's stillness (which is far deeper than just silence), and Peter's Mother-in-Law (healed and immediately wants to serve)!
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