A Seeking Heart with guest, Laura Phelps

Laura and Allison discuss topics from Sweet Cross: A Marian Guide to Suffering (OSV).
**Laura's story is incredible, powerful, and painful at times, but full of hope for the rest of us. She bore crosses we pray to never endure but united to Christ and guided by Mary's ten principle virtues, Laura opened my heart to not fear what the future may hold, because waiting for us in every circumstance is a love, peace, and grace that surpasses our understanding!  
Included in this episode:
*Don't compare crosses
*Suffering is important and necessary
*Uniting our crosses to Christ is LIFE CHANGING
*How can you possibly maintain your sense of humor in the face of difficult times?
*Staying PLUGGED in through constant mental prayer - far easier than it sounds

Stay Connected with Laura: www.https://www.lauramaryphelps.com


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