A Seeking Heart with Guest, Melanie Rigney

In this episode, Allison visits with Menopause Moments: A Journal for Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Spirit in Midlife, author, Melanie Rigney.
  • The subject no woman can avoid but rarely opens up about
  • Hear about the "year everything dropped"
  • No shame in wisdom, or wrinkles, grey hair, or shrinking
  • The freedom and grace that comes with embracing aging as part of God's perfect plan for us
  • Meno"pause" -- take a breath, be present — Gal 4:10
  • Journaling prompts that make you go hmmmm
Learn more about the amazing Melanie Rigney at: www.melanierigney.com/

Rejoice! Be Glad! To purchase Menopause Moments visit: https://amzn.to/3k1M9Kk (affiliate link)


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